Controlled Access & Camera Systems

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Security Access Systems

Whether you are trying to control door access, time & attendance, manage your visitors, or simply monitor space such as elevators or parking lots, a security access system from CisCom Solutions has the total end-to-end technology you need.

Our offering allows such ease of management and control as remotely adding or removing cards, users, access groups, cameras, and more. You will have access to a web interface for historical searches including related media such as timestamped video and snapshots. Integrate your access control with time and maintenance systems to adjust payroll calculations. See when you have visitors both past and present with a web-based visitor management system and integrated video surveillance.

When paired up with our video management system, you gain the capability of:

  • HD recording up to 64 channels
  • PIP
  • Intelligent video analytics (i.e. heat maps, missing object detection, face detection, etc.)
  • ...and so much more!

CisCom puts you back in total control with simple-to-use tools and powerful features all on a 100% digital system. We’ve done all the research for you, so you can know without a doubt that your system will perform above expectations and provide peace-of-mind.

Camera Systems

When using a video management system and access control, you would be remiss to not select the right equipment to capture the videos and photos. Fortunately, Ciscom Solutions has done that work for you. We use only the highest quality IP cameras for all our installations.

Partnerships with industry leaders such as GeoVision and Ubiquiti allows CisCom to simplify the shopping experience for you. With features, such as 1080p Full HD recording at 30 FPS, wide-angle, built in microphones, dome or non, passive PoE, weather resistance, and a multitude of mounting options, you can trust that every detail in every area you are looking to cover will be captured in every frame and photo. No more fuzzy pictures to guess at, or antiquated CCTV monitors to cross your eyes with.

Our experienced engineers will work with you to find the right locations for mounting and the right camera options for every scenario your business requires. With IP cameras, you also gain the flexibility of expanding your coverage with quick, straightforward installations by our experts. No need to worry about the future. We’ve got you covered there too. It all adds up to one more way CisCom can remove your IT stress now… and down the road.

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