IT doesn't need to be scary.

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IT Clown

Is your business relying on some clown to keep you afloat?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

Maybe your "clown" is very good at what they do... or maybe they aren't. Perhaps you just want to make certain your office never has to take a break even when your tech support needs to. With offices out of Louisville and Lexington, KY, CisCom ensures you are never far from the over 100 years of collective IT expertise in our solution support teams. Phone, remote, or on site... we are here for you!

Send in the clowns

Paranoid about how your business can still survive after that disaster strikes?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

Successful disaster recovery starts with proactive strategy and successful backups. When disasters can happen any time without warning, having a plan for business continuity is critical for every company... big or small.

Weather any storm

IT Storm
IT Space

Your heart is racing. It's getting hard to breathe. Is the room smaller now, or did you just run out of space?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

CisCom Solutions manages your applications and the hardware infrastructure required to run them, taking care of connectivity, repairs, updates, and maintenance so that there is no impact on in-house IT resources.

Wide open spaces

Does the idea of jumping your business head-first into the cloud feel a little too risky?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

If you’ve been thinking about migrating your business technology to the cloud for a while, you probably know about the benefits it entails: your data will be safer, and not only will you control free space on your hard drives, but you will make more room physically in your office too. Wondering if it’s difficult to transition to the cloud? Not with CisCom Solutions - we have the answers and the expertise to ease your move to cloud storage.

Tandem jumps encouraged

IT Cloud
IT Scale

Feeling constricted by support plans that won't scale with your business?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

Managed services from CisCom Solutions provide you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. We take care of all the IT needs you simply don't have the time or perhaps resources to deal with, and we do it with simplified choices and a tailored experience. It isn't a one-size-fits-all. It is the right size that fits you!

Breathe easy

Freaking out about hackers? Afraid your business info is in the dark web?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

A big weakness of any system is the end user, so allow us to test beyond the tech. Simulating social engineering attacks, we will sort out your weak points and show you how to improve IT security.

Avoid sticky situations

IT Web
IT Holes

Afraid that there are too many holes in your company's digital security?

IT doesn't need to be scary.

Our antivirus products use one of the largest global protective networks in the world allowing not only detection of computer viruses but also behavior prediction. Our firewalls offer advanced features such as policy-based controls, deep packet inspection, hidden program detection, intrusion protection, next-gen VPN, bandwidth priority, and more. In addition to antivirus and firewalls, which serve an undeniable purpose, CisCom gives you the ability to add a unique umbrella of protection at the source, the internet, providing the most cutting-edge level of protection available. Any way you poke at it our security is solid!

No more porous protection

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