Know Your Business for Optimal Security Effectiveness

The modern organization exists in an increasingly complex and globally
connected world. Cyber-security technology is both an enabler and
inhibitor as organizations adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

As security technologies and the cyber threats evolve, a new cyber
arms race has emerged, which places cloud-forward organizations
and their cyber-security solutions in the cross hairs of a growing global
cyber-criminal industry.

Modern Layered Security – Email Security

Security Layer 3
The use of email — particularly in business settings — is unavoidable.
Because of this commonality, it remains one of the top attack vectors
for cyber-criminals, which leverage a salvo of phishing attacks and
business email compromise (BEC) campaigns.

Critical Update: Meltdown & Spectre

Old vulnerabilities bringing new problems… again
(1-Minute read)
By now, you may have heard of a “new” threat circulating the IT scene. I quote new, because as threats go this vulnerability is an old one. The vulnerability is a part of the architecture design in most modern CPUs (modern being within the last 20 years).

There is a lot of news and noise floating out there, so for simplicity sake, we will point you in the direction of the most useful resources on these new potential threats.

When Worms Make You Wanna Cry

Ransomware raising its ugly head again...
Across the globe this past week and especially into the weekend, the world of computer security had a bit of a wake up… to the tune of over 100,000 users infected in over 100 countries by Saturday afternoon! It has affected everything from home consumers to major organizations.

Finding your apps on the Start Screen

With the update to Windows 8.1 offering users the ability to boot directly into Desktop mode, the Start Screen has gone largely unused by many business users. However, you will still have to use it eventually, and some users have found that the tile-based layout of the Start Screen does offer some benefits.

6 Misconceptions about outsourced IT!

As business owners, one of the most challenging tasks is letting go of every part of your business functions. It’s difficult to step back from managing everything, especially when you have invested so much time, energy and resources on your business. This can put a lot of undue stress on yourself and your employees, especially if you aren’t an expert in some business process like IT. When it comes to information technology, however, one of the best solutions you have at your disposal is to outsource it.