The Strategic Imperative for Boundless CyberSecurity – Business Gap


Risk escalates with the explosion of exposure points
and remote/mobile workers
Cost grows increasingly prohibitive and the shortage
of trained personnel becomes more acute
Constrained resources simply can’t keep up


Connect and secure a boundless workforce
across all environments to eliminate blind spots
Gain a unified view of risk, including prioritization
and control across your entire organization and
multiple generations of IT infrastructure
Increase visibility and control over dispersed
remote, mobile and work-at-home employee
systems and traffic

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The Strategic Imperative for Boundless Cybersecurity – Security Costs

Security Costs continue to rise - And skilled staff is harder to find
While no surprise, the cost of cyber-security continues to rise. Gartner notes an 8.7% year-over-year increase in IT security spending last year. Most importantly many organizations plan on increasing the size of their departments, a growing number of those face challenges with inadequate security budget to fill those slots.

The Strategic Imperative For Boundless Cybersecurity – Mobilizing for your new normal

"Your organization may have no idea of what’s being missed."
Across all threat vectors, the array of threat types are also expanding, deepening and getting smarter. Never-before-seen variants are up 145% year-over-year. Organizations are seeing a 60% change in types of threats and 45% increase in the number and frequency of threats.

Know Your Business for Optimal Security Effectiveness

The modern organization exists in an increasingly complex and globally
connected world. Cyber-security technology is both an enabler and
inhibitor as organizations adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

As security technologies and the cyber threats evolve, a new cyber
arms race has emerged, which places cloud-forward organizations
and their cyber-security solutions in the cross hairs of a growing global
cyber-criminal industry.

Modern Layered Security – Real Time Security for Cloud Apps & Services

Layer Security 10
Shadow IT is a growing risk for many organizations. Employees often
don’t have ill intentions and just want to complete their work, but
nevertheless they can introduce unverified or untested applications or
services into your network, leaving your organization vulnerable.

Modern Layered Security – Advanced Memory & Side-Channel Inspection

Security Layer 9
The most disturbing vulnerabilities — and potentially future attack
vectors — are occurring at the processor level. Advanced side-channel
threats, like MDS, Spoiler, Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow and
PortSmash, are shifting the cyber war to an entirely new arena, which
is extremely difficult to monitor or patch.