How to Get Hacked in 5 Exciting Steps

by David Pogue
Most people probably don’t want to get hacked.

Most people don’t want their password stolen by some anonymous Eastern European teenager. They would not like discovering that they can’t get into their own email, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

Microsoft integrates with Office 365

In June 2011 Microsoft launched its Web-based version of Office, Microsoft Office 365. This is a hosted online service that aims to provide a sophisticated office suite to small businesses and enterprises. Since this service can be acquired online, users are able to be productive from nearly everywhere.

The ultimate guide to defense in depth

Even the most reliable business network security and sophisticated user credentials can be vulnerable to cyber attacks to some extent. The concept of a comprehensive layered security, called defense in depth, is based on a strategy which has been around since the time of the Romans.

Letter from President

Recently, I attended the Grand Opening of the Microsoft store in Cincinnati. When I arrived, I saw droves of young kids there, lining up for the ribbon cutting. I could not believe there was such fanfare for Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Back track to the beginning of 2012, when I loaded an early beta release of Windows 8 onto my laptop.