SonicWall Cyber Threat Report – Momentum of Perimeter-less Security

SonicWall Cyber Threat Report – Momentum of Perimeter-less Security

For decades, protecting networks was entirely focused
on defining perimeters and setting up defense layers to
keep threats out. And for years, this approach served
businesses well, with finite exposure points and attack
vectors that were guarded with some investment and
adherence to established best practices and frameworks.
Today, it’s a different story. The boundaries of
organizations’ networks are border-less and expanding to
limitless endpoints. Simultaneously, the threat landscape
is becoming increasingly evasive.

These evolving and persistent cyber attacks create
boundless points of exposure to organizations. But new
momentum toward perimeter-less architecture is helping
redefine the future of cyber security — a safer future not
restrained by undefendable perimeters.

Much of this new thinking was first based on a
zero-trust security model, which requires organizations
to verify and authenticate any device, user or application,
regardless if it is inside or outside the network perimeter.

From there, organizations could segment data across
different ‘trust zones’ and further vet access depending
on the sensitivity of the data. But more guidance was
needed to bring this theory into reality.

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