Sonicwall Cyber Threat Report – Malware Variants Found by RTDMI

Sonicwall Cyber Threat Report – Malware Variants Found by RTDMI

By forcing malware to reveal its weaponry in
memory, RTDMI proactively detects and blocks
mass-market, never-before-seen threats and
unknown malware, including attacks against
processor vulnerabilities and malicious PDFs and
Office files.

What are ‘never-before-seen’ malware variants?
SonicWall tracks the detection and mitigation of
‘never-before-seen’ malware. These attacks mark
the first time SonicWall Capture ATP identifies a
signature/SHA256 as malicious.

Conversely, a ‘zero-day’ vulnerability is
completely new or unknown and doesn’t have any
existing protections (e.g., patches, updates, etc.),
usually from the target vendor or company.

This means that zero-day attacks against these
vulnerabilities are unmitigated and, therefore, a
critical threat to the global landscape.

Due to malware writers heavily investing in
obfuscation and evasion techniques, the
variants of existing, remixed or slightly
modified malware have grown exponentially.

Therefore, these are attacks that may use
existing, previously classified malware families,
but are sufficiently mutated and modified as to
evade detection by the majority of security
tools in the industry. Thus, many have never
been logged as malicious by Virus Total.

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