Modern Layered Security – Next Generation Firewalls

Modern Layered Security – Next Generation Firewalls

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Next-generation firewalls (NFGW) are the massive, foreboding walls
that defend your traditional core network. When properly deployed,
next-generation firewalls are tremendously successful at stopping
known cyber attacks.

When shopping for firewalls, consider the services that go with it. The
firewalls itself will be labeled with various speed specifications, ports,
power supplies, expansion modules, etc., but the true differentiation is
often found in the accompanying security services.

Be sure to review each vendor for their offerings around SSL/TLS
inspection, protection for non-standard ports, cloud sandboxing,
gateway antivirus (GAV), intrusion prevention services (IPS), content
filtering, anti-spam features and application controls — all of which
should be consider the sub-layers of your security posture.

For distributed organizations requiring advanced flexibility in their
network design, SD-WAN technology is a perfect complement
firewalls deployed at the headquarters or at remote and branch sites.

Instead of relying on more expensive legacy technologies such as
MPLS and T1, organizations using SD-WAN can choose lower-cost
public internet services while continuing to achieve a high level of
application availability and predictable performance.

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