Modern Layered Security – Security Awareness

Modern Layered Security – Security Awareness

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It’s cliché in the security and technology industries, but humans truly
are the weakest link in the security change. Thus, it’s no surprise that
phishing and other social-engineering attacks have been so successful
for so long.

But people can change. It does, however, require a top-down culture
shift driven from the C-suite. Once each and every employee make
cybersecurity their own responsibility, the organization is safer against
potential cyberattacks that exploit human behavior or curiosity.

Security awareness should include:
• Consistent and always-evolving training to continue to educate staff
• Routine but unannounced penetration testing, particularly for
phishing, downloads and telephone exploits
• Understanding and complying with established procedures, which
could include everything from sites to avoid or which sanctioned
apps or services to use
• Tiered ramifications for non-compliance
• Using established best practices and training in the real world
(e.g., social media)

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