Modern Layered Security – Email Security

Modern Layered Security – Email Security

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The use of email — particularly in business settings — is unavoidable.
Because of this commonality, it remains one of the top attack vectors
for cyber-criminals, which leverage a salvo of phishing attacks and
business email compromise (BEC) campaigns. While commonplace at most security-conscious organizations, a secure email solution is still a necessary layer to ensure businesses are able to defend against email-based threats, including malware, ransomware,zero-day threats, spear-phishing and BEC.

What’s more, government regulations now hold your business
accountable for protecting confidential data, ensuring it is not leaked
and ensuring the secure exchange of email containing sensitive
customer data or confidential information.Thankfully, a range of deployment options are available, including on premise appliances to cloud services.

Regardless of the deployment strategy, organizations must use
a layered security solution that goes beyond anti-spam and anti malware. A sound secure email solution should include dedicated, advanced-threat protection capabilities, and protect against malicious attachments and URLs, as well as impostor-based attacks.

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