COVID-19: A Message to Our Friends

COVID-19: A Message to Our Friends

In light of the news concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

We at CisCom Solutions want to make certain the health and well-being of our clients, staff, and communities are a critical priority, and that the success of your business is still front of mind as the situation continues to fluctuate on a daily basis. With those concerns in view, it is important that you are aware of a few significant considerations.


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  2. Company Needs for Working Remotely
  3. Component Delays
  4. Service Level Impact from CisCom



It never fails that criminals will take advantage of a bad situation and make it worse for their gain. We don’t want to let them. There have been several reports pointing out the rise of malicious websites, emails, and apps disguised as legitimate sources of COVID-19 information. We urge extra caution as you continue to seek out updates on the virus. Some of these criminal sources have been used to hack workstations and servers around the world.

Our recommendation is to be aware, as always, of the source and legitimacy of the information, and to Think Before You Click. Be sure that emails are coming from sources you trust, and even then, double-check. Watch for websites that want you to download files or install apps to provide information. It is the unfortunate truth that people are the weakest link in any digital security efforts, so extra caution is advised.

At this time, the best official source of information is



It’s possible you are thinking of having your staff “work from home” as a cautionary step. We would ask that you take a few minutes to consider your needs to successfully operate your business remotely. The fact that a handful of your employees can work remotely today does not necessarily mean you are setup to have your whole workforce outside the office.

It is also recommended that the decision maker(s) of your company contact us as soon as possible if this action is being considered. We want to provide our best support. However, there is a limit to every company’s resource bandwidth, so we thank-you for giving us the opportunity to succeed by bringing us in the loop as early as possible. A proactive approach is always better than reactive.

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As the virus impacts businesses globally, we have already seen cost fluctuations and availability delays on common workstation and server components. As we are relatively early on in this outbreak, we want to anticipate this situation getting worse before it gets better. That being said, as your hardware needs come up, we would ask for you to make us aware of these as early as possible, and that you would prepare yourself for longer-than-normal wait times on equipment. As always, we seek out every avenue to deliver to you with a sense of urgency, but we want to stay ahead of these impacts while we can.



As the above considerations compound the demands on CisCom’s resources, we would ask that you keep this in mind as response and resolution times could be impacted. Currently, and thankfully, there has been no impact to CisCom staff and support directly, but that could change for any of us as things evolve. We want to set the right expectations up front with everyone, so you can plan accordingly and allow us to do the same.


As always, everyone’s health and well-being are the top priority in any situation. We will continue to monitor the global and local stage as this outbreak continues to quickly change, and we will provide updates to our customers as needed.


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