Hello? How to Ring in 2017 the Right Way!

Hello? How to Ring in 2017 the Right Way!

Can you hear that? It’s progress calling…


                Actually, it is not so much progress as what I would like to refer to as the “new standard”. We are talking about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and I say “new” because there are a lot of businesses that just haven’t quite figured out why they should have switched to this technology a LONG time ago. That brings me to why I also called it “standard”.

You see, there isn’t a single step you take these days where some variant of VoIP isn’t being used. While small offices around the globe sluggishly adopt the technology, the rest of the world (and big businesses) is making this a standard piece of everyday life. Nearly every communications provider for residential areas provide a VoIP solution of some kind “bundled in” with that HBO®, football, and internet package they setup in your home. Millions upon millions of cellphones in the US alone use VoIP daily when making a call over LTE cellular networks, and heck… social networking tools like Skype and Messenger are all offering ways to make VoIP calls! It has been estimated that VoIP traffic in 2016 reached 158 petabytes monthly. In case you’re wondering, a petabyte is roughly 1,000,000,000 megabytes, so 158 of them in a month is a lot!

Step into a lot of local offices though, and yikes! Phone cords are not some retro-chic trend we need to hold onto. Please, friends, we can let it go out of style. It’s O.K. Those beautiful, network-carrying CAT-6 cables are all the rage now!


That doesn’t mean you should get rid of the office phone! It is certainly a staple of any well-run office. On the contrary, it simply means you bring it up to speed with at least that smartphone your kid is carrying to school.

Our friends over at Star2Star Communications, say* that UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service… the managed services business of VoIP) can “dramatically reduce costs by up to 50% if implemented correctly”. Not only that, but with a quoted “99.999% up-time” for the technology, it seems a no-brainer to save half the money, still get practically 100% of the reliability, and a vast improvement in scalability, compatibility, and most important for business these days… mobility! VoIP for business opens the ability to answer any incoming call from any phone, eliminate unused lines that are adding to a monthly bill needlessly, create on-the-fly conference calls, deliver voicemail to emails, and so much more. Too much to even list without sounding like an infomercial.

Look. I realize I am talking about an office phone here. It isn’t exactly the flashiest piece of tech in your office arsenal, and it isn’t even remotely close to the most exciting innovations we will discuss this year. It is, however, a critical piece of technology. One that we all use every day without much thought, and we can keep it that way… while saving money, increasing productivity, and raising those operational and sales profit dollars in a very organic way.

Like the idea of using VoIP? (Hint: you really should by now!) Talk to the amazing people at Ciscom Solutions. They are hosting this blog after all, and you can find out more information straight from the experts!

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