In 2017, Why Should the “Little Guys” Scare Big Business?

In 2017, Why Should the “Little Guys” Scare Big Business?

Welcome to 2017 Business Owners!


Many of you (and us) are crawling out of the holiday weekends and heading into the new year with new resolve and big plans for the coming year. Whether it is a desire to hit the gym more, play Pokemon GO less (you do not, in fact, have to catch them all), or spend more time with family,... for the small business owner, those personal resolutions can feel an awful lot like a revolution when you are trying to run a company that competes with the “big business” up the street. It eventually bleeds into our work-life balance with all of the new projects that are sure to be staring you down at your desk.

Don’t worry.

We here at CisCom Solutions ( understand small business. We know what makes you tick, and we know, more specifically, how to provide resources to let you get rid of your stress, control the balance in your personal and work life, and maybe most of all… make that big business up the street sit up and take notice on how you compete!

This year, we are introducing a different take on our blog. We want to walk with you throughout the year on topics that make a small business feel scalable in new ways (and even some old ways with a newer twist). We want to make you more agile, more responsive, more proactive, and more efficient. We will cover topics ranging across all elements of IT, because, let’s face it, nothing… and I mean nothing… can bring your business to a faster, scarier halt than when your IT isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. You don’t have to be afraid of your IT though. In fact, this year we will show you how you can manage it in such a way, that you might not have to think about it much at all!

Whether it is VoIP systems, data backups, the cloud, or managed services, we will show you how this year and all of the emerging technology can help you keep your focus where it should be, when you want it to be, and even wherever you are! The playing field has become so level in the business world thanks to all the innovations in technology that the “ma ‘n’ pa” shop can compete on a similar level as the big eCommerce giants when the tech running their business is setup properly.

According to one article, small business owners in the US expected to grow over 70% in 2016. We believe that will be higher in 2017! Are you ready for it?

It can definitely seem daunting at first… we know, but we also know that the rewards are huge! We will be here with you every step. Our expert engineers will chime in twice a week with their opinions on every topic. We will break down the complex and overwhelming, and with their guidance, we will make each of the tools you need to compete feel as simple as choosing the Phillips or flathead for that new bike you put together (why are there always extra parts?!).

All that being said, be sure to follow our page, stay tuned to these blogs, and stick with us this year. It is going to be fun making that big business never underestimate the little guys ever again!